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StatApps tool is intended for simplifying and speeding up the work of companies’ marketing
managers, who develop mobile applications, digital agencies and game studios with a large
number of applications installed, which process large amounts of mobile analytics data from
various platforms manually, such as AppsFlyer, AdJust, Kochava, Tune, Singular


  • Marketing specialists (users) of the StatApps Tool will be able to load mobile analytics of external platforms into the server cloud, either independently or with the help of API
  • Subsequent automated control of the results of analytics and processing will allow them to obtain segmented reports on all possible parameters, such as gender, age, mobile device type/ model, as well as many others.
  • The reports and the media audiences can be uploaded in set formats for rest life subsequent direct re-uploading onto social platforms such as Facebook, Google and others, where retargeting is planned.



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